International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services

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Welcome to the IASIOS Facility Registration.

Please note that this will be the main account for the facility, that the main account holder will be the administrator for the facility and responsible for:

      • Reviewing incoming invoices and ensuring proper payment is made in a timely manner
      • Passing the facility code to other users wishing to collaborate on the application
      • Changing or updating the authorised representative / deputy information in the dashboard, if someone other than the main account holder

The authorised representative must be a senior staff member and will be responsible for submitting the completed application and being accountable for any information provided.

The main contact person will be responsible for all IASIOS related correspondence, including, for example, follow-ups, and progress reports.

Please note that this form is for registering a new facility. If your facility has already been registered, please contact the authorised representative or main account holder for your facility to obtain your facility code and use this link to create a new user. If you have any questions please contact the IASIOS team at

Please note that after submitting this registration form you will receive an invoice for the enrolment as outlined on our fees page. Before continuing, please read the full Terms and Conditions.




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