International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services
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Tumors, the new frontier to fight them is interventional oncology radiology

IRCCS Ca Granda, Policinic of Milano, one of the 22 accredited centres in the world for Interventional Oncology, treating tumours through interventional radiology.

Interventional oncology accreditation programme IASIOS continues to reach new heights!

The only accreditation system of its kind has nearly tripled its network of interventional oncology centres worldwide since launching in 2021.

eCancer journal about IASIOS accreditation program for interventional oncology services

Compliance of Interventional Radiologists with Interventional Oncology Accreditation Standards

Dr Murat DokDok and Dr Huseyin Tugsan Balli evaluated Turkish IRs doctors in an e-survey based on the core criteria from IASIOS Standards of Quality Assurance. Discover their study results in the published article in the Cureus, The Journal of Medical Science. 34 IR doctors responded to the questionnaire, five questions, consisting of 34 articles using 5 points Likert scale. The more experience they have in IR, the more compliance they have with IASIOS criteria.

Medical Journal Article about Interventional Oncology

Nick Brown about the IASIOS certification role in the IO recognition in Australia and New Zealand!

Nick Brown, the clinical director of the radiology service at The Wesley Hospital about IASIOS certification and IO recognition. Click on the image below to read the article by Interventional News, the source of news in the endovascular and interventional oncology world.

Interventional News, Nick Brown about IO

The Medias Hospital has officially enrolled in the IASIOS!

The Medias Hospital has officially enrolled in the IASIOS Accreditation program to further ensure the highest quality standards in Interventional Oncology. Click on the image below to read the full article about the Medias Hospital’s enrollment.

Medias Hospital became IASIOS enrolled centre

The AOU Città della Salute – University of Turin receives the international IASIOS certification!

The AOU Città della Salute – University of Turin is among the first thirteen Centers in the world to receive the prestigious international certification IASIOS.  Click on the image below to read what the Italian press said about their certification.


Quotidiano Piemontese, 8 December 2022

 Strasbourg Hospital Highly Praised by the French Media

The Strasbourg University Hospital was the first facility in France and the second in the world to receive the IASIOS Accreditation seal.

This achievement has established the hospital as one of the best hospitals in the field of interventional oncology worldwide. Click on the image below to read more.

Prof. Dimitrios Filippiadis, IASIOS Committee member, in Interventional News!

Prof. Dimitrios Filippiadis shared on Interventional News about Attikon General Hospital becoming the first Greek hospital to join the IASIOS programme. “During the IASIOS accreditation process, we have analysed our service, improved its coordination and monitoring, and the end result is improved delivery of high-quality IO care, with the patient receiving the best possible treatment for an optimal, individual clinical outcome”. Click on the image below to read more.

The Singapore General Hospital IASIOS Accreditation – CVIR Article

“Accreditation in Interventional Radiology: Why it Matters and Why we Sought IASIOS Certification” (CVIR 2022) Sonam Taschi, Sivanathan Chandramohan, Andreas Adam & Bien Soo Tan.

Read the editorial about why the Singapore General Hospital became one of the first hospitals in the world to become IASIOS Accredited.

“Although IASIOS focuses on IO at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), it is regarded as a framework that can be adapted and expanded to the rest of the IR service. Throughout the process of IASIOS certification, whenever areas, where the IO service could be improved, were identified, the necessary changes were applied to the rest of the IR service. Thus, the accreditation journey enabled a process of improvement across the whole of IR”

Click the image below to read the full article.


IASIOS continues to expand

“The rapidly growing community is strongly dedicated to supporting and developing IO as a clinical discipline and demonstrating the importance of clearly established quality assurance standards”.Click on the image below to read more about the IASIOS community.


IR News, issue 2/2022. CIRSE 2022

Prof. Laura Crocetti, IASIOS Committee member, in Interventional News!

“IASIOS accreditation is a way of demonstrating first to us and then to the global community that the interventional oncology service we provide is of high quality and meets rigorous international standards. It helps to improve the whole process of patient care and treatment and is specifically designed for medical facilities offering interventional oncology. Accreditation already exists for other specialities or services, and it is extremely important to have it already up and running for interventional oncology.”.Click on the image below to read more.


Interventional News, 15 February 2022

IASIOS had a great first year!

“Since launching publicly less than one year ago, IASIOS has had success far beyond its initial expectations with the number of early adopters of the accreditation programme. The number of IASIOS facilities increased from 12 to 22 centres, with several more incoming centres having initiated the process with their hospital administration”.Click on the image below to read more.


IR News, issue 1/2022. CIRSE 2022

Among the best in interventional oncology services

“Singapore General Hospital is the first hospital in Asia to achieve the global gold standard for interventional oncology care, a rapidly growing field in cancer treatment”.  Click the image below to read more:

I-MED Radiology, The Wesley Hospital Celebrates IASIOS Accreditation in Interventional News!

A heartfelt congratulations to The Wesley Hospital as they become Australia’s first IASIOS Accredited facility. Dr Nicholas Brown celebrates this achievement in the 83rd Issue of Interventional News and provides valuable insight into the programme and its benefits. Click the article below to read more:

Interventional News - The Wesley_I-MED Radiology

Interventional News Issue 83—September 2021 Edition


Dr Nicholas Brown Bsc; MBBS; MPhil, MSpMed, FRANZCR, EBIR I-MED Radiology, The Wesley Hospital, Australia

Interventional Oncology- the Fourth Pillar of Cancer Treatment: An interview with Singapore General Hospital

Prof Tay Kiang Hiong,  head consultant of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, at IASIOS Accredited, Singapore General Hospital discusses the benefits of Interventional Oncology. He shares his insights into the growth of the discipline worldwide with Health Suites (MONEY FM 89.3).  Listen below:

Health Suites: Interventional Oncology: The fourth pillar of cancer treatment – published September 29, 2021

Prof. tay kiang hiong

Prof Tay Kiang Hiong, MBBS, FRCR, FAMS Head and Senior Consultant Vascular and Interventional Radiology, SGH

Leiden University Medical Centre gains national recognition

Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) gains national recognition for its IASIOS Accreditation achievement. As the first Dutch facility to gain this international certification in interventional oncology, LUMC sets itself apart by demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to patient care and a golden standard in service delivery. We are delighted to award LUMC with this accreditation and even more excited to welcome them to our global community of accredited centres. Click the article below to read more:


Kantonsspital Winterthur achieves the first IASIOS accreditation in Switzerland!

Kantonsspital Winterthur highlights their achievement as the first IASIOS accredited centre in Switzerland. Their commitment to quality and dedication to upholding the Standards of Quality Assurance in Interventional Oncology distinguishes them. We extend a heartfelt congratulations to Prof Binkert and his team. Click the article to read more:

Prof Christoph Binkert, Dr Renate Steden, Dr Arash Najafi, Dr Bernd Klaeser and team. Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW)

Radio Interview: Prof Binkert, from IASIOS Accredited Kantonsspital Winterthur.

Click the audio below to hear Prof Binkert, Chairman of Radiology at Kantonsspital Winterthur discuss how he built his career, as well as the benefits of an international accreditation for Interventional Oncology and how IASIOS has assisted his facility in adhering to the golden standards of patient care and provision. As the first internationally accredited IO facility in Swizterland, Kantonsspital Winterthur is at the forefront this evolving discipline.

Prof Christoph Binkert. Chairman of Radiology. Kantonsspital Winterthur (KSW)

Note: Audio is in German 

IASIOS – Booming success after public launch!

Since making enrolment open to the public, IASIOS –the world’s first international accreditation system for interventional oncology services – has had success far beyond its initial expectations. Centres that enrol in the IASIOS system become part of a worldwide community of top IO centres. Read about the centres enrolled in the IASIOS system by clicking the image below:

IR News, issue 3/2021. CIRSE 2021

IASIOS: Raising the bar for IO Care!

IASIOS is committed to providing facilities with the guidance and support to ensure they meet an international standard of excellence in interventional oncology. With accredited and enrolled facilities across 3 continents, IASIOS is growing a strong, global network of top IO physicians, dedicated to providing a high quality of care for patients. We are delighted to be featured in this quarter’s IR News! Read about our journey and find out more about who we are by clicking the image below:

IR News, issue 2/2021. CIRSE 2021

Congratulations to IASIOS Certified SLK Heilbronn, Germany!

SLK Heilbronn highlights their achievement as the first German centre to gain international recognition for their exceptional service quality in Interventional Oncology. Congratulations to Prof Pereira and his team for demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to the Standards of QA and upholding a golden standard in patient care and service delivery. Click the image below to read their full press release.

(L-R) Gregor Gelbricht, Lisa Reese, Christian Mayer, Ernst Hohenstein, Sina Speck, Tomislav Stavrovski, Gabriele Löchner, Gunther Lemm, Philippe Pereira

IASIOS Public Launch Well Received!

The IASIOS team is beyond thrilled with the positive media coverage received during our official public launch of the programme. The support and encouragement for interventional oncology as a discipline will accelerate its development and adoption, making minimally-invasive treatments for cancer safer, more efficient and more widely accessible to patients all around the world.

Click the images below for more details.

IASIOS Launch featured in IR News

We are delighted to have had news of our upcoming launch shared in the 01/2021 IR News publication. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the pilot phase, and are fully prepared to open enrolment to all qualifying centres worldwide!

Click the image below to read the full article.

A major sucess in interventional oncology!

Anadolu Medical Centre was awarded the IASIOS certification. ” As a hospital, we are proud to be the third center worldwide to receive the seal of IASIOS, also supported by the European Cancer Society”

Click on the article below to read the full article.


IASIOS is open for public enrolment!

IASIOS is happy to announce that after a successful pilot phase, we have now opened enrolment to all qualifying centres! Register your hospital as an IASIOS enrolled centre today!

Click on the article below to read the press release in its entirety.

Second IASIOS Accredited Centre seal awarded to Strasbourg University Hospitals – HUS in Strasbourg, France!

IASIOS would like to thank the team at Strasbourg for their excellent application and welcome them into our community of IOs striving for excellence. Click on the article below to read the press release in its entirety.

Strasbourg University Hospitals, HUS

The Standards of Quality Assurance in IO in the Press

IASIOS is pleased that the Standards of Quality Assurance in IO were mentioned in the newly published study by Helmberger et al. (2020):

“While it was outside of the scope of the study to improve the necessary infrastructure for interventional radiology to follow up on their patients, this study provides an opportunity to reflect on the necessity for interventional radiologists to initiate follow-up standards and order relevant imaging after TARE. The CIRSE initiative Standards of Quality Assurance in Interventional Oncology is an initiative to improve quality assurance in interventional oncology, amongst which post-intervention follow-ups and imaging are one of the quality standards.”

Click the image below to read the full article.

First IASIOS Accredited Centre Seal awarded to Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London!

IASIOS is proud to have reached this ground-breaking milestone and thankful for the teamwork from Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital. Click on the article below to read the press release in its entirety.


Shahzad Ilyas, Nicole Silva & Alison Pollard, Guy’s and St. Thomas’s, NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

IASIOS on the front page of Interventional News, March 2020, Issue 77

The IASIOS is proud to present a two-page article published in the 77th issue of Interventional News that includes interviews with two members of the IASIOS Steering Board, Professors Andy Adam and Liz Kenny, as well as the Head of Certification and Accreditation at CIRSE, Maria Weren.