what to expect during the accreditation process

After submitting the registration form and paying the enrolment and administrative fees, the IASIOS team will send you an official application form to read alongside the Standards as well as an application manual. Your facility will be granted the status of ‘Enrolled Centre’, along with a respective logo, while you prepare your facility to be able to submit a completed application. Please note that there is no deadline for the submission of the application, and that the IASIOS team is available to consult you on technical and administrative issues along the way.


Your facility will need to appoint a designated contact person, as well as a substitute contact, that will be responsible for managing the accreditation application, filling out the necessary forms and maintaining correspondence with the IASIOS team. 


There are two documents that need to be submitted to the IASIOS team, the Application Form and an Internal Case Review Form, both of which are provided to the facility upon registration. It is not necessary to provide all of the supporting evidence documents when you submit your application form but please have them ready for submission if the Assessors request supplemental information. Please note that facilities may request additional consultation at any stage in the application cycle for an additional fee as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.


After all of your information has been received, the IASIOS team will send the forms and supporting documents to the Assessors. In the case that during the evaluation process the Assessors find that the supporting evidence is unclear or ambiguous, they will request additional documentation from the facility. 


Once the process has been concluded, you will receive a letter from the IASIOS team informing you of the results of the evaluation, and either granting accreditation or recommending which areas need to be amended before getting accreditation approval. If the Assessor concludes that accreditation cannot be granted, you will remain an Enrolled Centre until you have implemented the necessary changes and submitted the requisite documentation demonstrating that all core criteria have been fulfilled. 


If you have any questions about the accreditation process please don't hesitate to get in touch with the IASIOS team!