International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services


This global accreditation system, operated by the Interventional Radiology Accreditation Service GmbH (IRAS), is intended to establish the highest standards for patient care in interventional oncology (IO) and encourage good practice in IO. IASIOS provides facilities with a unique opportunity to showcase their achievements and gain recognition for their IO services.

IASIOS is based on the CIRSE Standards of Quality Assurance in Interventional Oncology, a comprehensive quality assurance document developed by the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE). It looks at the whole patient care and treatment process and what is required to deliver IO services as a primary clinical caregiver. By featuring clearly outlined requirements, it functions as a framework for developing and implementing wider measures for safe and efficient IO practice along the entire patient pathway. The document has received broad international support from national and international societies and the European Cancer Organisation.

IASIOS is a membership-based accreditation system specifically developed for medical facilities operating in interventional oncology and aspiring for formal recognition either as part of an existing institution or as an independent entity. Regardless of size and location, any facility that wishes to obtain accreditation for its IO service line can apply.


Set Standards

IASIOS is dedicated to setting global quality assurance standards in interventional oncology. Our accreditation system ensures interventional oncologists have the guidelines to practice safely and effectively in a standardised manner as primary clinical care providers.

Facilitate Progress

As interventional oncology grows, it is important to keep developing. IASIOS aims to establish better infrastructure, increase dedicated and trained staff, offer training opportunities, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and more.

Build a Community

IASIOS is a global community of like-minded IOs who are learning from each other and sharing best practices to continuously improve their IO service lines. IASIOS facilitate connections at networking events and workshops and sets a base for benchmarking.

Raise Awareness

IASIOS advocates for IO's position as the fourth pillar of modern cancer care. Raising awareness of IO treatment options among medical providers, hospital administration, and patients will make IO services more accessible to patients.