International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services
ACCREDITATIONBenefits of Getting Accredited

Benefits of Getting Accredited

There are a multitude of benefits to getting your IO service line accredited through IASIOS, for your facility, for cancer patients around the world and for IO as a whole. Some benefits include:

  • Certifies high-quality patient care
  • Offers and builds a system of quantifiable benchmarks for quality and patient safety
  • Grants recognition for achievements in IO
  • Provides the opportunity to be part of a membership-based system of the world’s top IO centres and learn from each other
  • Become an example for other IO Centres worldwide and pioneering the field by being among the first facilities in the world with an IO-specific accreditation
  • Makes IO and its procedures more visible and accessible to patients
  • Actively promotes patient safety and patient-oriented service
  • Supports the establishment of IO as a separate clinical discipline within your department and in general worldwide
  • Facilitates standardised interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Helps set a gold standard for IO services
  • Supports and fosters a connection within the global community of dedicated IOs

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