International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services
ACCREDITATIONBenefits of Getting Accredited

Benefits of Getting Accredited

Why become an IASIOS facility? There are multiple reasons for accrediting your IO service line, from offering standardized patient care and improving your patient pathway to fostering collaboration within your team and across other departments.

For Patients

The IASIOS accreditation ensures that all patients receive the highest quality of care through standardized clinical pathways. Benefits include:

  • Improved Care: standardized pathways lead to better outcomes and increased safety.
  • Informed Choices: accreditations give patients the confidence in choosing a facility that meets international standards of practice
  • Patient Safety: IASIOS facilities actively promote patient safety, and their clinical pathways offer a patient-oriented service.
  • Increased Accessibility: by fostering an international community of facilities offering standardized patient care, we are increasing the accessibility of quality IO care in all regions; learn more about the IASIOS facilities here.

For Facilities

The IASIOSĀ  accreditation benefits facilities by standardizing practices, ensuring consistent quality patient care while also providing recognition for their commitment to excellence. The community aspect of IASIOS brings together like-minded professionals, fostering opportunities for networks and further enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

  • Certify your Clinical Pathway: Accreditation ensures that your facility adheres to the highest international standards and delivers exceptional patient care.
  • Streamline Operations: Integrating best practices in accordance with the standards can lead to a more efficient use of resources and operational effectiveness.
  • Staff: Through a standardized pathway, your staff will be better informed, and capable, leading to a reduction of errors and mistakes, and fostering excellence within the team.
  • Training: Bring junior members of your team to ECIO and CIRSE with 2 free congress registrations, to get valuable IO knowledge.
  • Recognition: Gain recognition for your accomplishments in IO and improve collaboration between other departments.
  • Reputation: Accreditation increases your facility’s reputation and attractiveness for professionals, research opportunities, and collaborations.
  • Marketing and Promotion: IASIOS enhances the visibility of your facility through online promotion, representation at international congresses, active engagement on social media platforms, and marketing materials to promote your enrollment and accreditation.
  • Networking: Become a part of a community that fosters knowledge sharing, collaborations, and mentorships.
  • Quantifiable Benchmarks for Quality and Safety: Establishes a system of measurable benchmarks, enhancing quality and patient safety.

If you are seeking support from your administration, check out these customizable presentations: resources for administrations.

For Doctors

  • Networking: The IASIOS community connects leading IOs, bringing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and mentorships.
  • Professional Development: Increased recognition in the field of IO, encouraging continuous learning and growth.
  • Recognition and Credibility: Accrediting your practices can increase collaboration with referring oncologists, multidisciplinary teams, and hospital administrations.
  • Support for Innovation: By encouraging the adoption of innovative techniques and technologies, you will advance IO and increase your visibility for innovation and research opportunities.

For Interventional Oncology (IO) as a Whole

  • Establishing IO as a Clinical Discipline: Supports the positioning of IO as the 4th pillar of cancer care.
  • Standardization: Set the golden standards for patient care in IO.
  • Facilitate Progress: IASIOS encourages innovation and opens opportunities to advance the field of Interventional Oncology.
  • Increase Awareness: Increase interdisciplinary collaborations and patient awareness.
  • Global Community: Build a community of dedicated professionals leading the development of the field of IO.