International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services


IASIOS Enrolled Centre

The Enrolled Centre seal is awarded when a facility registers with the IASIOS. It represents the facilities’ dedication to providing high quality IO care and indicates that they are in the process of seeking IASIOS accreditation. The seal of Enrolled Centre is held until the facility is able to fulfill all requirements and submit their application.

IASIOS Accredited Centre

The Accredited Centre seal is a testament to the high standard of IO care provided by a facility, in accordance with the CIRSE Standards of Quality Assurance in Interventional Oncology. This seal is awarded if a facility is compliant with all the core requirements listed on the IASIOS application form.

IASIOS Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence seal represents the highest level of accreditation offered by IASIOS. It can only be awarded if a facility is compliant with all the core and extended requirements listed on the application form and has been an IASIOS Accredited Centre for a minimum of four years.