International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services
ACCREDITATIONAccreditation Pathway

Accreditation Pathway

The IASIOS accreditation path is a multi-stage process, with three distinctive phases. Upon formal registration, an applicant facility will receive the status of IASIOS Enrolled Centre while it prepares for accreditation. If its application has been assessed positively and all core requirements are met, the facility will receive the IASIOS Accredited Centre status. Lastly, a facility may achieve the prestigious status of IASIOS Centre of Excellence if it can prove compliance with the extended requirements outlined in the application documents in addition to the core requirements. The IASIOS fee structure allows for membership-based participation, whereby applicant facilities can remain enrolled into the system for as long as necessary while working towards accreditation.

In the flowchart below, you can see each of these three phases of IASIOS.

  1. The white sections show the registration and enrolment steps required to receive the first seal of IASIOS Enrolled Centre.
  2. Next, the maroon sections describe the application processes needed to achieve the second seal and status as an IASIOS Accredited Centre, as well as the four-year period of maintaining that status.
  3. After maintaining the IASIOS Accredited Centre status for four years, centres have the option of either becoming recertified, or to strive for the highest status as an IASIOS Centre of Excellence, demonstrated by the black sections.