International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services
ACCREDITATIONAccreditation Pathway

Accreditation Pathway

The IASIOS accreditation path is a multi-stage process with three distinctive phases. Upon formal registration, an applicant facility will receive the status of the IASIOS Enrolled Centre while it prepares for accreditation. If its application has been assessed positively and all core requirements are met, the facility will receive the IASIOS Accredited Centre status. Upon re-certification, after 4 years as an accredited facility, a facility may apply to become an IASIOS Centre of Excellence if they meet all core and extended criteria from the Standards.

Learn more about the steps to achieve each seal below.

Becoming an IASIOS Enrolled Centre

Register your facility

Once you have received administrative approval, you are ready to register. For more information on how to register a new facility, check out the IASIOS Registration Guide.

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Activate your account

An activation email will be sent to your application’s main account holder once registration is complete with your respective facility code. This code will allow more members of your facility to join the application.

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Pay invoice fees

After submitting your registration form, you will receive an invoice for the IASIOS enrolment and annual fee. Once payment has been received, your facility will be given the IASIOS Enrolled seal.

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Becoming an IASIOS Accredited Centre

Get your facility involved

Many hospitals have a Quality Assurance department that can facilitate the process of accrediting your department. Encourage your team to collaborate on the application, from collecting evidence to filling out the answers.

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Review application manual

To better understand how to manage the application for accreditation, we have translated the application manual into 9 languages to help guide you through the process, available for all facilities upon enrolment.


Fill out the application

Start filling out the application. The questions do NOT have to be answered in numerical order. Save your progress as you go, and track which questions still require your attention in the summary.

Join a workshop

Bring members of your team working on the application to join one of our workshops, designed to help facilities with their applications, with tips from accredited centres on implementing changes and meeting the criteria.


Implement improvements

Review the standards of Quality Assurance any changes required to meet the criteria for accreditation and improve your patient pathway. Read our frequently asked questions.


Submit the application

Once your application has been completed and you meet all the criteria for accreditation, your Authorised Representative will be able to submit the application, and the assessment process will begin

Becoming a Centre of Excellence

Improving your pathway

In the 4 years as an accredited facility, you will be able to work on improving your patient pathway to meet all core and extended criteria in the standards of QA.


Re-certification fee

6 months before the expiration of your accreditation, you will receive a re-certification invoice. Once settled, you will receive access to your re-certification application.

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Submitting the application

Once you have completed your re-certification application and meet all the criteria from the standards, you can apply for Centre of Excellence. If you do not meet all the extended criteria, you can apply for another 4 years as an Accredited Centre.