Step 1: Read through and familiarise yourself with the Standards, the questions on the Application Form and the checklist of supporting evidence found in the Application Manual 

Evaluate and Plan:

Step 2: Evaluate your facility’s current standing regarding each of the core requirements 

     * facilities may request consultation if desired 


Step 3: Update policies and procedures as necessary 

Step 4: Implement improvements where needed 


Step 5: Assess your suitability for accreditation

Step 6: Fill out the Application Form and conduct the Internal Case Review 

Step 7: Go through the checklist of supporting evidence and ensure that your facility would be able to provide all documentation upon request 


Step 8: Send your completed Application Form and Internal Case Review to the IASIOS office

     * assessors reserve the right to request any supporting evidence at their discretion

Step 9: Receive feedback from the Assessors and your Accreditation Status within 8-12 weeks after all supporting evidence that was requested has been submitted 


Step 10: Celebrate your status as an Accredited Centre!