Applying the Standards of Quality Assurance in Interventional Oncology:


The Standards are divided into three sections:

• Staff and Facilities (Standards 1 to 6)

• Treatment Planning and Delivery (Standards 7 to 9)

• Safety and Quality (Standards 10 to 13)


At the end of each Section is a list of required evidence that includes documents or records that the facility needs to be able to provide in order to demonstrate compliance with the Standards. 


IASIOS separates the standards into either core or extended requirements:  

The core requirements correspond to the Standards outlined below: 


Section 1: a, c, e, f, g

Section 2: b

Section 3: a, c

Section 4: b, c, d

Section 5: d

Section 6: a, b, c, d

Section 7: a, b

Section 8: a, b, c, d, e

Section 9: none

Section 10: c

Section 11: a

Section 12: a, b

Section 13: none


Please note: Although answers to extended requirements will not be taken into account in the initial evaluation, we encourage facilities to attempt to answer all the questions for information purposes. Answering questions from extended requirements cannot compensate for unanswered core questions. A facility can apply to be considered a Centre of Excellence after being an Accredited Centre for the full four-year accreditation period and has decided to apply for re-certification.