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"We are honoured to have achieved the IASIOS accreditation. It has certified our daily practice in IO and proven our work to be in accordance with international standards. Now, one of our aims is to spread more and more of our discipline within other specialties in order to affirm our role in the cancer patient care process. Last but not least, our efforts will be addressed towards making IO known among patients."

Prof Gianpaolo Carrafiello, Dr Anna Maria Ierardi, Dr Pierpaolo Biondetti and Team.

"The Interventional Radiology Unit at “F. Miulli” Hospital is happy and proud to announce to be the first IASIOS accredited centre in southern Italy. This is an important milestone both for the IR Team and the multidisciplinary oncology tumour board. We look forward to being a Centre of Excellence, keeping the highest standards of quality, for patient care!"

Dr Inchingolo and Team.

"The Division of Interventional Radiology at IEO is truly honored and immensely proud to have achieved the prestigious IASIOS accreditation. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care, safety, and the highest standards of quality in the field of interventional radiology. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team, and we are deeply committed to maintaining and exceeding these standards as we continue to provide the best possible care to our patients."

Dr Franco Orsi, Dr Gianluca Maria Varano, Dr Guido Bonomo, Francesca Pavan and the rest of the interventional radiology team.

"We at University General Hospital “ATTIKON” are delighted to be the first Greek center to be awarded this internationally renowed quality assurance accreditation in Interventional Oncology. This is a significant achievement both for the Hospital and the IR Department with all the performed changes resulting in a quality increase regarding the provision of services to patients. Most important these changes positively affected the whole Interventional Radiology Department improving the quality in all aspects of IR service. Excellence is not a competition, it is a daily quest!"

Dr Nikolaos Kelekis, Dr. Elias Brountzos, Dr. Alexis Kelekis, Dr. Dimitrios Filippiadis, Dr. Stavros Spiliopoulos, Dr. Konstantinos Palialexis, and Dr. Stavros Grigoriadis

“The Interventional Oncology group at University Hospital Southampton are delighted to have been awarded IASIOS accreditation. The IASIOS process has proved invaluable in giving us further cross-sectional review and insight into our increasingly complex IO patient pathways and service provision. This valuable quality assurance tool has allowed us to ensure that we are continuing to deliver the best in oncological patient care. The group here in Southampton look forward to joining with other international IASIOS-assured Interventional Oncology Teams.”

Drs David Breen, Brian Stedman, Sachin Modi, Tim Bryant and Ben Maher and Team

“We at Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS - Catholic University are very proud and honoured to receive the IASIOS accreditation for our Interventional Oncology Service. The IASIOS accreditation process helped us improve and better standardize our practice, and provide high standards of quality in routine Interventional Oncology treatments. This accreditation confirms and upholds our pivotal role of IO in patient management and our continuous effort to deliver precision medicine using a multidisciplinary approach to every single patient.”

Prof Roberto Iezzi, Dr Alessandro Posa, and the Multidisciplinary Team

“We, at the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Città della Salute di Torino - University of Torino, are very happy and proud to have been accredited by IASIOS. This certification represents the acknowledgement of the constant work and effort of our facility and affirms the high-quality service to both patients and referrers. We look forward to continuing to find new ways to promote the highest standards of patient care, being at the forefront of our evolving and thrilling discipline.”

Prof. Paolo Fonio, Dr. Marco Calandri, Dr. Marco Fronda, Dr. Carlo Gazzera, Dr. Andrea Doriguzzi Breatta and Team

"The Wesley Hospital is proud to have been the first centre in the Southern Hemisphere to achieve IASIOS accreditation. Thousands of interventional oncology procedures, both minor and major, are performed by the team at The Wesley Hospital each year. The IASIOS brand affirms the high quality service that the team provide to both patients and referrers, and we look forward to continuing to find new ways to promote the highest standards of patient care"

Dr Nicholas Brown and team

"IASIOS has assisted our facility in adhering to the golden standards of patient care and provision. As the first internationally accredited IO facility in Switzerland, Kantonsspital Winterthur is at the forefront of this evolving discipline"

Prof Christoph Binkert and team

"It is with great honour that we have received the IASIOS accreditation. The IASIOS team has been tremendously helpful in guiding us through the process. It has been a great learning process as the accreditation process gave us insight in those things that are well organized in our centre as well as the areas that need improvement. The IASIOS helps centres to go from good to excellent!"

Dr Mark Burgmans and team

"We at Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Pisana, University of Pisa, are extremely honoured and proud to be the first centre in Italy accredited for the Interventional Oncology service. We strongly believe in quality in patient care and pursuing the accreditation was of help in identifying where we had to improve and what we had already succeeded in. We found an incredible support in the hospital administration and in all the departments we work with for the treatment of oncology patients. Collaboration is really the basis for reaching this important goal. We are now aware our IO service is of high quality and meets rigorous international standards, and we are trying to understand where and how we can further improve. Quality for patient care is never enough."

Dr Roberto Cioni, Dr Federica Del Cima, Dr Laura Crocetti and team

"The Interventional Radiology Center at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is deeply honoured to receive IASIOS accreditation, which distinguishes our Interventional Oncology (IO) Services to be among the best in the world. This is a significant milestone for SGH and has further enhanced SGH’s strong reputation of providing high-quality clinical care. IASIOS accreditation is a strong endorsement and recognition that our IO services is of high quality and meet rigorous international standards. This will be very reassuring to both our patients and referring clinicians. Going through the IASIOS certification process has been an humbling experience and has inspired us to further strengthened our processes to provide safe and efficacious care that is of high value and quality, not just for IO but also all other IR services."

Prof Kiang Hiong Tay and team

"We at SLK-Kliniken in Heilbronn, Germany are proud to be the first center in Germany to be certified by IASIOS. The certification process took some effort but the IASIOS team never hesitated to help us with any questions or problems we had. During the certification process we were able to further improve our already well-established IO workflows and make sure they are in line with the most recent national and international standards. With the help of IASIOS we are now able to coordinate and monitor our IO services even better to make sure every patient receives the best possible treatment and reaches the best individual clinical outcome."

Gregor Gelbricht, Lisa Reese, Christian Mayer, Ernst Hohenstein, Sina Speck, Tomislav Stavrovski, Gabriele Löchner, Gunther Lemm, Philippe Pereira

"We at Anadolu Medical Center are proud and delighted to be awarded the seal of IASIOS in interventional oncology in return for our efforts. The process has improved our services in IO and has led us to build sustainable best-medicine practice in this field with the great help of IASIOS office. Thanks to IASIOS, we could move one step further while aiming for higher standards. Now, we all feel motivated to improve quality and safety standards in interventional oncology at Anadolu Medical Center, as one of the first accredited facilities in the world."

Ozgur Celik, Murat Dokdok & Oktay Karadeniz

"We at the Institute Bergonié are very happy and proud to have been accredited by IASIOS and also to be among the first IO facilities accredited, that is an acknowledgement of a constant work and effort of the facility in collaboration with the quality department of our institution. The application has allowed us to improve the quality of our daily care and we are very enthusiastic to prepare the second step with the hope to become a centre of excellence within the next years. Thank you to IASIOS to promote IO through a standardisation of our practice."

S Enfedaque F Boyer (Quality control department), F Gouze, F Lagurgue, X Buy, V Catena, J Palussière (IR department)

"We at the University Hospital of Strasbourg are thrilled to be the first centre in France to be awarded this internationally renowned quality assurance seal in interventional oncology, as well as being the second centre in the world to be certified! In the IR department, we are all highly committed to providing each patient with a high-standard clinical service. With IASIOS’s focus on traceability, the Strasbourg team has increased the monitoring of several different clinical practices with the intent of improving the quality and safety of the provided clinical services. Our team is very proud of this recognition, which rewards many years of hard work spent monitoring the quality of their clinical services."

Prof Afshin Gangi, Cathy Kuber, Bernard Kopp, Dr Julien Garnon, Dr Julia Weiss, Dr Roberto Cazzato, Dr Jean Caudrelier, Celine Henninger

"We at Guy's and St. Thomas's are delighted to be among the first IO facilities to apply for this important and worthwhile accreditation! Completing the IASIOS application process was a challenging experience but the IASIOS office was on hand to support our team and clarify any questions that arose. Ultimately, applying for IASIOS has led to the advancement of our IO facility by helping us analyse our service line and determine how to improve our delivery of high-quality IO care in accordance with the Standards of Quality Assurance document."

Shahzad Ilyas, Nicole Silva & Alison Pollard

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